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For you and future generations

Imagine yourself in the future. You are sitting with your grand children and showing them your wedding, your relatives and how you and your spouse looked like many years ago.

I am very proud of the wedding books and albums we create. A well-made wedding book of photographs is much more than an ordinary book. It includes the story of how the two family branches unite.

The book can be enjoyed by you, your friends and family over time, when today's DVDs, USB sticks and drives unusable. In the future, it becomes a priceless heirloom for your children and grandchildren. My goal is that your wedding book will become so valuable, that it will be the first thing you save if the house burns down.


Story book vs picture book

Wedding books from John Hellström are different. They are not picture books. They are story books.

In an ordinary picture book there are many images  pressed into each spread without consideration of the overall experience. The start of the picture book is usually after the shoot, and the images are selected one by one without considering the whole.

In a story book, the story is considered well before the actual shoot, to make a red thread through all the pages. A story book follows a chronological order with different chapters. It features overviews and detailed images in a particular order, like the story of a good movie. Story books have also transition images between different episodes of the wedding day, in a way that is much more pleasurable to the eyes.


A work of art in a book form.

The difference between our exclusive wedding books and other wedding books is huge. We select handmade books and albums by the best book-binders in the world, which are created to last for a long time. Some pictures of these books on a webpage do not give a fair experience of them. You should experience them for real, touch them and see the lovely print. Then the difference in quality will then be clear compared to other standard books and albums. I have lots of material samples and I'm happy to help you tailor make your special wedding book or album.

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