Portrait Photography


Portrait photographer in Stockholm

I met up with Louise and Dan for an engagement photography, or portrait photo session, before their upcoming wedding. I photographed their portraits, we got to know each other a little and we planned for the wedding. Here you see some of the photographs from our session.


Just hanging out...


On the sloping roof


With the sun behind

Wedding photography, a mix of journalism and portrait

My wedding photography often contain a mixture of journalistic and portrait styles. Using the journalistic style, the photographer acts like a "fly on the wall" and captures the moments that take place. A more portrait like approach allows the photographer to control environment and light more, but the often needs to support the couple to relax and have a good time. It therefore helps much at the wedding if the couple has had to get used to the camera earlier. Good light, environment, moments and natural reactions provide wonderful memories in pictures.

Will be fun to capture Louise and Dan's wedding soon!  :o) John

John Hellström is a porttrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden