Photographing halloween


Today, the 31st of October, it's All Hallows Eve - All Saints' Eve - or Halloween. The practice came to Sweden from the USA, who received the tradition from Irish immigrants in the 1840s. It was a ritual that started in the 1700s in Ireland and Scotland to mark the end of summer. Halloween celebrated from the beginning of the Celts. The dead temporarily retured to earth and man lit fires to help them find their way in their journey. They dressed up as nasty guises to so frighten away evil spirits during the dark season.

Right from the start there was the tradition of going from door to door and knock. The people collected food and drinks that were later used for a party where everyone in the village were invited.

The tradition has been around since the late 1990's in Sweden and I'm not really sure if we still have agreed on when kids should go out and knock on doors - today, tomorrow or on Friday?

It's absolutely wonderful to photograph the children during their "trick or treat ". The weekly reflection is if Spiderman really count as scary, or if we need to supplement with fangs ...


Would you be scared or feel secure if Spiderman knocks on

your door tonight?