Föreläsning för The Photographer Academy


John håller internationellt webinarium för proffsfotografer

The Photographer Academy (Fotografernas Akademi) från UK har bjudit in John Hellström för att föreläsa om hur man kan förbättra sin fotografering.

Tid: Wed, Jan 4, 2017 20:00-21:00 svensk tid.

Anmälan: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2081573802993790977?splash=false


Info from The Photographer Academy:

Top Tog Webinar John Hellstrom - The Science Behind Improving Photography

John is looking at photography from a elite sport perspective, giving a different perspective to the traditional view of photography. Discover the general processes needed to become an expert in any area, and how that can be applied in photography. John will show general examples from research and make parallels to photography. He will cover his own learning processes in wedding photography over the last year, giving examples from expert photographers and discuss key factors that will lead to improved performance in photography. How would you train if you approached photography with a mindset of an elite athlete?

Dr. John Hellström has a Ph.D. in Sports sciences toward Expert performance. He has supported many professionals and national team players and coaches toward lower scores in golf for decades. John has also been a photographer for over 25 years. Over the last few years, he became focused to make wedding photography his main profession. John then started to apply the improvement processes he learned from performance research into his own photography, with deliberate practice toward higher scores in competitions.

These webinars are designed to be interactive and you'll be able to ask John your questions on photography.

Sessions last for an hour. Don't forget to tell your friends.


Om The Photographer Academy

The Photographer Academy is the largest European photography training company with already thousands of Pro Photographers as well as Artists and Hobbyists making use of the award winning training to get inspired or instructed every day.

Quality Training for Photographers.

The web site is based on video content that captures real professionals at work. The wide range of topics, cover everything from specific types of photography to tips on lighting and kit, right up to how to construct and maintain a successful business.

The Photographer Academy is aimed at both professional and enthusiast photographers alike and is structured into bite size learning films, over 2100 at present, each around 20 minutes, so you can dip in and out whenever suits you.

In addition to the training films, there is the Academy qualifications programme as well as monthly webinars and photo critiques, all packaged in your membership subscription.

This type of training enables photographers of all levels to learn new techniques on every subject, whilst being able to monitor real shoots and the sessions will show how other photographers cope in the real world.



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John Hellström är porträttfotograf och bröllopsfotograf från Stockholm. Kontakta honom här.