Portrait photography in Stockholm


Wedding and portrait photographer in Sweden

I met Agnes and Per in Stockholm for a pre-photography (wedding photography / prewedding / portrait photography) at Edsberg Castle in Stockholm, before their upcoming wedding in Karlberg Castle. In the case of a pre-photography, wedding couples can order a wall art or signature album that their guests write greetings inside. You also get to know each other and the couples can "train" to be photographed. Many couples also use images for social media such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Looking forward to their wedding!

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Portrait by wedding photographer John Hellstrom

Waiting by the "vulcano"

About Edsvik

There are both an art gallery, MC museum, café and castle in Edsviken, where we had the pre-photography. Edsvik.se writes (translated from Swedish): "Arts, culture, design and math works in the cultural history environment, including Edsvik Art Hall, MC Collection museum, Café Brygghuset and Edsbacka Wärdshus. In the lovely green Edsvik area there is always something to do. Experience the castle show in the summer, or art and culture in Edsvik Art Hall all year round. Look at the MC Collection museum and enjoy the shape and design. Visit the museum shops or take a break at any of the cafés, or arrange your own picnic at Edsberg Park. During the summer of 2014, the view was opened with barbecue, an outdoor gym and a playground, but also a platform to get a breathtaking view over Edsviken. In the autumn of the same year, Oxstall was opened, which serves as a resting place for schools, preschools and private individuals."

Portrait by wedding photographer John Hellstrom

Celebrating Swedish midsummer together

Images by wedding and portrait photographer John Hellstrom from Stockholm, Sweden. Contact John here.