Portrait at Katarinaberget


Engagement photography

I photographed engagement portraits of Sabina and David, above Fotografiska on the high Katarinaberget, on Sodermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. I can recommend a coffee there. It has a magnificent view and many nice old buildings!

About Katarinaberget above Fotografiska

On Wikipedia (swe translation) it says: "Katarinaberget is a part name in the fault steep on Sodermalm neighborhood north of the city of Stockholm. The name includes the fault scarp between Gotgatan and Renstiernas street north of Tjärhovsgatan. The highest point is on the Fiskargatan, 47 m above sea level. East of Renstiernas street called Mount Stigberget. West of Katarinaberget, after Pustegränd ("Puff Alley"), it is called Mariaberget. The fault scarp continues east along Nacka's northern coastline."


Sabina and David looking out over Stockholm

John Hellstrom is a portrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.