Portraits at Stallmästaregården


Photography in Hagaparken

Christine and Vincent will soon get married at Stallmästaregården, in Stockholm, Sweden. We met there for a pre-wedding photo shoot (or so-called engagement shoot) in the warm summer sun. We walked around in Hagaparken to make some portraits and to plan for the wedding.


Dansar på bryggan i Hagaparken

About Stallmästaregården

In Wikipedia about Stallmästaregården"Stallmästaregården (or Stallmästargården) is a historic inn adjacent to the park around the Royal Pavilion at Haga in Solna, just north of the Stockholm city limits. It has existed since the 17th century, and is mentioned numerous times in the works of August Strindberg".


A nice moment between the houses at Stallmästaregården.

Looking forward to the wedding! John

John Hellström is a portrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden