Wedding in the Swedish archipelago


Love in Furusund

In a small archipelago idyll, about 1.5 hours drive to the north of Stockholm, is Furusund. Anna and Tom got married there recently. I had the privilege to photograph them during their big day. Pictured above is when they open their Champagne, while having a view of the ocean.

Anna has roots from Russia and Tom comes from England. Their guests were therefore visiting from many countries. The bride and groom were married while having a wonderful view of the sea. They had dinner with all the guests in Hammerska ladan after the ceremony.


Tom (middle) with his groomsmen, outside of Hammerska ladan by the sea

About Furusund

"Furusund (historically also named Halsö) is an island in the Stockholm archipelago between Yxlan and Eknö in Blidö parish of Norrtälje, Stockholm County. Today marked the island by many second homes, especially in the summer. Furusund has also given its name to the heavily trafficked Furusund seaway as passes between Furusund and Yxan." (Reference:


A viewpoint from the forest over the sea

About Hammerska ladan

"Hammerska ladan (ladan=barn), at Fagerviken, was originally situated at the former Societetshuset. Fagerviken would later inspire Strindberg name "Fagervik" as the cover name for Furusund in the drama "A Dream Play"(1902). Hammerska ladan was previously at the Royal Garden in Stockholm, and was then called Small Theatre where Christian Hammer was a theater director. When the theater would be demolished, then Hammer brought the wood to Furusund. In the early 1950s, the barn was moved to its current location at Fagerviken. Hammerska barn is now restored and is privately owned, but can be rented for festive occasions, cultural events, theater performances, etc. See more at".(Reference:


The bridal couple and their guests outside the Hammerska ladan

Congratulations! John

John Hellström is a portrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden