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Wedding photography at Carlhalls Gard in Stockholm

A wonderful wedding day at Carhälls Gård and Långholmen's hotel – the “Prison hotel” – in Stockholm, Sweden. The wedding had both a community and a Persian ceremony. Photography by John Hellstrom from Stockholm and Grebbestad / Tanum.

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John Hellstrom 's wedding photo ranked best in Europe

John Hellström from Stockholm, Sweden, was rated by 20 photo judges to have taken the best wedding photograph in Europe, in the FEP – Individual Image Awards 2019. He also came on a total fourth place in the photo competition FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2019, in the Wedding category, when three photographs were counted.

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Wedding magazine selects photographer John Hellström

The Swedish wedding magazine Allt om bröllop (All About Wedding) selects photographer John Hellström in the latest issue 2019, no 1. In their series "The World’s Best Wedding Photos", they show eight full pages with John's pictures and describe how he works, titled "John Hellström - Elite training photographer with an award-winning eye ".

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