Secret photography for TV


A different wedding photography

JohnHellstrom is a wedding photographerat Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden.A television production wanted to book upJohnto shootthreeweddingsthere during one day, but everything wasvery secret. As a photographer,it was a challengenot to knowso much about the weddingsand not being able to meetor speak withweddingcouplesuntil the actual photographing.

Each wedding photography was done in about 30 minutes, while tv crews went between for filming and interviewing the couples. The couples had seen each other for the first time, and married, about 1 hour before we started shooting. The couples had then been through a roller-coaster of emotions and was dazed.

See the photography in the program Married at first sight, Part 2, starting at 20:59.


Wedding in Swedish Television

SVT did the following description of the program when it was released: "In the first episode of "Married at first sight", our experts investigate the large group of singles who applied to the experiment. Now is the time to find the perfect match. Our expert team consists of a psychologist specializing CBT, a therapist, a behavioral scientist and a priest specializing sexology. By doing investigations within their respective areas of expertise, they create themselves the image they need to find the three perfect married couples. Emily, Ellen, Tina, Michael, Bert and Mathias Singles who have tried virtually everything in pursuit of the great love. Now begins their journey towards what could become "To death sets us apart". "


Emily and Mathias sings a song.


Ellen and Bert take a walk at the outdoor bath.


Michael and Tina out on the lookout spot, with a sailing race in the background.

Best of luck to all couples!

Technical background info:

John Hellström used Profoto B1 flash, in order to handle the different light conditions quickly and easily at noon in the bright sun.  TTL could then be used when the couples moved about in relation to the flash. When the distances were longer between the flash and the couples, then a  Magnum reflector was used. It gives about 1 stop brighter light compared to a standard zoom reflector. A Profoto softbox RFi 1,3x2 (40x60cm) was used on closer shoots, which is fast to assemble with only four rods and easy to move.