Wedding magazine and top restaurant invites to party


An evening of wedding celebration

The wedding magazine BröllopsGuiden and restaurant K-märkt invited to a party for industry professionals, at Garnisonen in Stockholm. Marie-Therese Karlberg (top photo) and Johan Carlén was the party organizers. We had Champagne, wine and wedding canapés designed by celebrity chef John Gottberg. An enjoyable evening for everyone who works with the wedding!


I L-O-V-E cakes!


Champagne for all!

Wedding photographer in Stockholm

Everyone who works with supporting wedding clients can benefit (and have fun) exchanging ideas and experiences. I was there as a wedding photographer, meeting skilled people from a variety of business. Below is a wedding dress from Sunstore in newly opened Mall of Scandianvia.


Elegant wedding dresses were displayed.

Thanks for a wonderful night! John

John Hellström is a portrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden