Love in Nyköping


Wedding photography south of Stockholm

Facebook dating

Linn and Andre became friends on Facebook through a mutual friend, where they ended up in the same thread. Linn added André as she thought he was easy and pleasant to communicate with. It was the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010 they met in real life. They clicked immediately and discovered that they had more or less everything in common. They had also lived or been very close to each other all the time on several locations in Sweden!

You are my last stop

André told Linn also directly when they had met that he wanted to live with her and grow old with her and sit on the porch in the rocking chair opposite when they are old. Linn "is his last stop"!

Tunaberg and reception in NK Villan

They got engaged the 9th of September 2013. It was a joint decision that it was time to get married. The ceremony took place in Tunabergs church and the party was in the

NK house in Nyköping

. It was a challenge to get into the car and to go to the bathroom in the wedding dress, and be able to walk without taking one step forward and two steps back. Her father had to pull her in her legs to get her out of the car!  :o)


  • Bridesmaids name is Josephine, Susanna and Loviisa. Dennis was the groom.
  • DJ was Livebands
  • Rings came from Shalins
  • Wedding Dress from Lillys
  • Flowers from Interflora
  • Horse & Carriage by Horseworkz
  • Theme lilac and lavender, with paintings on the walls of the bridal couple
  • Honeymoon to Venice in Winter
  • The hair was done by Lena at Salong Trixie Nyköping


Wedding photographer John Hellstrom from Stockholm, Sweden, photographs wedding and fashion.

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