Wedding photographer captures Stockholm pirate ghosts


Wedding photography in Stockholm castle

Johanna and Dan married in the Skating Pavilion (Skridskopaviljongen), a small fairytale castle on the waterfront at Kastellholmen in Stockholm, and I was their wedding photographer. Skating Pavilion has salons that are finely decorated with original decor and stucco. The castle has great views of the Old Town, the Vasa ship, the Nordic Museum, Oscar's church and Södermalm. The Skating Pavilion, also known as the Royal skating and rowing club pavilion, is owned by Nobis and can be booked by the Hotel Skeppsholmen.

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Pirate ghosts in the rainy night

About the top image: After the ceremony, we went for an evening walk from the Skating Pavilion at Kastellholmen to the restaurant Krogkonst for the wedding reception. It started drizzling at dusk. Suddenly two Pirate Ghosts with 1700s clothing runned passed a surprise wedding couple (and a surprised wedding photographer). Apparently, there was a theme party next to the full-rigged ship af Chapman. :O)


Walking down the Skating Pavilion stairs after the wedding ceremony


The bride is ready for the wedding ceremony


Exchanging wedding rings during the ceremony

About the Skating Pavilion Castle (or Skridskopaviljongen)

Hotel Skeppsholmen writes the following about their castle: "At neighbouring “Skridskopaviljongen”, The Skating Pavilion, also operated by Hotel Skeppsholmen, there are several other meeting and event options. This is another historic venue, built back in 1882 by the Royal Skating Club and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club – like a small castle by the waterfront of Kastellholmen. In the 19th century, this was where members of the Royal Court and the high society gathered enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while skating on the bay. Today we offer conference rooms and dining lounges for outstanding events, a unique setting for get-togethers.

The Skating Pavillion features beautifully decorated rooms and lounges with original décor and magnificent stuck work. A larger room with a splendid stone stairs terrace facing the water with two adjacent lounges, the Cigar Room and the Ladies Lounge, as well as a more modern room with an attic feeling upstairs. An astounding view over the hills of southern Stockholm, the Old Town, the Vasa ship, the Nordic Museum and the Oscar’s church. The Skating Pavillion also offers three private berths for boats, just next to the venue."


A classic wedding dress

Q & A with the bridal couple

Q: How did you meet? A: We met in the fall of 2013 after we started working on the same project. After a date and a company party, then we got really interested in each other.

Q: Something about your engagement? A: On a cliff in Oahu, Hawaii in June 2015. Dan was a little nervous about getting in the ring from Sweden without Johanna seeing it.

Q: Something about possible honeymoon you have or will go on? S: Sun, sea and adventure in California, Nevada and Arizona.


The guests are celebrating on the stairs

Wedding vendors and details

Congratulations, John

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