Photographer at syrian-orthodox wedding


Wedding photographer in Stockholm, Sweden

Tamara and Frederick had a wonderfully dynamic Syrian Orthodox wedding, the wedding ceremony and reception in Mor Johannes in Stockholm, Sweden. I had the privilege to be their wedding photographer during the day. It was a mixture of elements from Norway, Syria and Sweden with full-speed at the dance floor. I will make a customized wedding album / photo book with the couple's favorite images afterwards. The picture above is from the dance floor during the wedding party.

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bröllopsfotograf, Stockholm

Hanging out as a married couple before the wedding reception

bröllopsfotograf, Stockholm

The bride's dad coming to escort her, at the sound from a drum and trumpet

bröllopsfotograf, Stockholm

Three girls dreaming about their own future weddings?


A portrait of the married couple

About the syrian-orthodox church

Wikipedia says the following: "The church presently has about 5 million members divided in 26 archdioceses and 11 patriarchal vicariates. the majority of its followers have origins in India, although they are members of an Autonomous Syriac Orthodox Church based in India known as the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, and their followers are Nasranis, or St Thomas Christians. A large amount of Guatemalans have converted to the Syriac Orthodox Church as well due to the efforts of missionaries. However, Assyrians are from either present-day Turkey, Syria or Iraq and are the ones who follow the main Syriac Orthodox Church based in Damascus since 1959. Prior to that it was located in Southern Turkey, and at other points in Antioch."

Congratulations, John

Images by wedding and portrait photographer John Hellstrom from Stockholm, Sweden. Contact John here.