Wedding in the archipelago


Wedding Photography in Vaxholm Fortress

I had the privilege of being the wedding photographer for Lucy and Omar's wedding in Vaxholm Fortress, outside of Stockholm in Sweden. It was a beautiful summer day when I took the water taxi from the dock in Vaxholm over to the Fortress, or Vaxholms fästning, as it is also called for. You can also take the ferry over regularly.

The citadel is an ancient fortress, which also has a fine museum. The ceremony took place outdoors with wonderful views of Vaxholm and the archipelago around. The wedding was in Chilean tradition, with family and friends, great atmosphere, good dinner and fun games. Congratulations to you both!


About Vaxholm

Vaxholm is a wonderful little town just north of Stockholm in Sweden. Here is how Vaxholm city describe their town:

"Vaxholm is often referred to as the capital of the archipelago, outside Stockholm. Vaxholm consists of 70 islands and has about 11 000 inhabitants. Already in 1548 King Gustav Vasa ordered to build a fortress at the islet and a village started to grow across the strait which in 1647 became a town. The fortress, as we see it today was completed in 1863. Beside the military activities Vaxholm also had a large fleet of fishing boats. The Baltic herring from Vaxholm, locally named "strömming", is still famous throughout the country. Why not come here and try it yourself? At the same time you can enjoy the bustling boat life and wander among the beautiful old buildings which are decorated with ornate-carvings. Here are a few events and happenings worth noting in your agenda - The Archipelago Boat Day, the Archipelago Market with the Herring Rowing Race and the Christmas Market!" - Vaxholm City


John Hellstrom is fashion and wedding photographer from Stockholm. He is taking assignments both in Sweden and world wide. Contact John here.