Farm meets sea!


Wedding photography in the nature reserve

I had the privilege of being Bim and Carl's wedding photographer in Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, Sweden. Bim prepared together with her bridesmaid Caroline on Körunda Golf & Country Club. She then met up with her soon-to-be-husband Carl in Ösmo church. The following party was on their farm, in the nature reserve Ängsvik in Nynäshamn. There, a farm and a lake merged into an idyllic landscape!


The couple's history

In summer 2005, Carl (the groom) and his sister decided to have an African Cuban midsummer out on Ängsvik. They invited a large crowd of people. One of these people brought with them a fashion-conscious students and Bim (the bride).

But do not think it was sweet music from the first sight! On the contrary, it was so that Bim had a small problem. It was a drunk Cuban that were determined to date the Brazilians lady.

Bim, in turn, saw the farmer (Carl) lumbering around, and thought that she could seek a kind of protection. She went with rapid steps forward and said hi. Out of breath, she asked if Carl would be able to follow the two back to the campground, where her friends were waiting...

She stared Carl in his eyes and, with her (according to her), excellent mimics, announced: - HELP! SOS! MAYDAY !! this man is toooooo bothersome, take him away!

Carl chuckled and made a giant smile! He understood this girl, and thought in his own mind; "You're safe with me girl, I can fix this easy and fast!"...

He said with a Valentine's voice;

- "You two do not need to go back to the campground. Here on the farm, you will be at peace, hayloft is a very cozy place. Then we have the carriage shed and also a warm and cozy burner. Stay here the rest of the night, I will not tell anyone..."

If you are reading this, try to see a cartoon where the smoke from her ears and flashes from her eyes. If you succeed, then you have come close to Bim's mine later on then the Cuban started again... The night ends with a Cuban in the reeds, a question mark to the farmer and Bim stepping through the forest herself.

That was the first meeting between the bride and the groom. So that was a brief story of how we met. The rest of our Jane Austen story, is a looong and romantic 9-year old story up to the wedding...

The wedding party

Carl was the driving force behind the wedding. He gave his bride a dream wedding that was beyond all expectations. At our farm, we had Ian, Mom Anki, Iso, Alex, Leslie, Caroline, Didi, and Angelica. At the end also Albin, Sandra and supported us. The party had not been as successful as it was without all our fine, loved, loved friends and family who came and brightened everything! These friendly fighters worked hard and they have from the bottom of our hearts always a big thank you for our wedding day!


  • Wedding Theme: "The farmhouse meets the Archipelago"
  • The bridesmaids were Caroline and Iso, Marshal was Lars.
  • DJ was Lady Bug
  • The rings came from Kaplan, Juvena Jewels & Art By CB.
  • The wedding dress came from Lilly
  • The flowers came from Ösmo Plantshop.
  • Wedding car: Red Menace

Some wedding reception photographs...


John Hellstrom is a portrait and wedding photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. Contact John here.